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First Mate

Zoe finished up her own mental to-do list of things that were necessary to get the ship ready.  Things that she knew her Mal would forget, like... Dishes, food, rec items.  Sure, he'd have plenty of fuel and even a spare part or two... But the man was focused on getting the ship up in the air, not that she didn't share a powerful need to get on the move already... Now that they'd agreed to rip up what little roots they'd set in the dirt, she was fair itching to get gone.

Still, wouldn't do to be a week out in the black and find he'd forgot to bring enough rations... or basic med supplies...  That lot was hers, since she had more experience living in space, and was the better judge of how far things needed stretching from one port to the next.

Plus, she had her mind on other things.. Like finding them a job to get started on.

So it was that Zoe Reynolds was wandering through the city with a head full of thoughts and not paying attention to where she was going. 

Episode Guide

We haven't even gotten into true comm-RP yet and I'm already needing to make one of these up. Suppose that's what happens when we're RP-happy people.

Okay, so. Here we go.

Episode Guide 1Collapse )

Holy crap. Am I ever glad I decided to do this now, instead of several weeks down the road. I think I've managed to get all the threads to date in here, so if I missed something, let me know. Also, to those involved with the Tam-Inara threads, let me know if I got my thread order mixed up. We did a hell of a lot of stuff in a short amount of time, and it makes my head spin thinkin' about it.

Off ship- Job searching

Wash was sitting at the bar at some run down Persephone saloon, drumming on his knees as he waited for a man by the name of Malcolm Reynolds. 

He's over an hour late........

Damn, the things you'll do when you're starving and bored.........

Can't say No!

Book smiled sitting in Inara's room waiting for the girl to return. He had a couple of packed bags at his feet. It was time to force the girls hand. Make her remember her loyalty did not lie in her bed.
He looked at the photo of simon, Inara had on her bedside cabinet. He picked it up and started to doodle on his face. Mustache, bushy eyebrows, black lipstick........

SimonCollapse )


On ship

Kaylee walked through the engine, training her hand lovingly over the parts "Don't worry my baby, we're landing soon. We'll pick up some jobs, and some parts then momma will make you all better" she purred softly. Before hitting the comm "CAP! We NEED those parts.........we THERE yet?" she called her cranky mood obvious with out even being seen.
A mood not helped by the engine suddenly making some spluttering noises "Sweetie?" she asked it softly.


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